What in the World is a Peg Loom?

Textiles Workshop boys weaving
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There are a staggering amount of different types of looms an individual can use for weaving purposes. A pegged loom is among some of the most popular. Peg looms are a type of weaving loom characterized by little pegs attached to the loom. Pegged looms are among some of the more traditional weaving looms and are easy to use and construct. Pegged looms come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make the perfect beginner loom. Peg looms are particularly useful when a weaver needs to use up some odds and ends when it comes to yarns, fleece, or fabric. Pegged looms are easy to manipulate and manage and most will fit right in your lap.

PEG LOOM A pegged loom is very basic in nature. It is easily built and it costs next to nothing to purchase and needs relatively no maintenance at all. Pegged looms are not just simple pegs on a board. Pegged looms are specially designed pegs that have holes through the bottom of the peg where the warp string is threaded through. Remember that the warp thread is the very basis for your weaving project and is the strings that go directly horizontal or vertical on the loom depending on which way the loom is manipulated. The distance between each of the pegs on a pegged loom help to determine how dense the finished product will be. Pegs that are far apart are the ones that work better when the weaver is trying to use a thicker material such as fleece or fabric. Pegs that are closer together are more equipped to handle finer works such as thin yarn or certain threads. Many different projects can be accomplished using pegged looms such as throw rugs made from fabric or thick thread.

Using a peg loom is easier than ever. Like any good project the first thing you are going to want to do is make sure that you have all of your supplies with you. When you are warping the peg looms it is important to ensure that the warp gets threaded through the hole at the bottom of the pegs and that each peg correlates to another peg to create the perfect warp. Threading your fabric or yarn through the warp in the same over and under pattern that you would with any other loom. Peg looms are virtually the same as any other loom just with a little more mechanics.

With peg looms there is a lot of debate going around about what is the best shape for certain projects and how the pegs are useful compared to non-pegged types of looms. As with every weaver, every loom is unique and different but peg looms have been shown to be very successful for beginners and younger children. Younger children enjoy using peg looms because they are either used to them, many times it will be a type of peg loom that is available through the children’s weaving startup kit, or because the pegs allow for a measure of security when a child accomplishes a project because they feel that the pegs will help to hold everything into place. Even seasoned weavers adore the added security they get from using peg looms as opposed to any other type of loom.

Finding the right peg loom is hard. There are thousands of different types to choose from and each one boasts something more impressive than the other. However, we have found that the Harrisville Designs Peg Loom offers a little more than normal peg loom kits. Harrisville Designs Peg Looms offers one of the most modern and inexpensive approach to peg looming available. The Harrisville Peg Loom strives to make weaving exciting and boasts that buyers will be marveled by their abilities to create real works of art and tapestry by using their brand of pegged looms.

The Harrisville Designs Peg Looms comes in a kit with everything a beginner needs to have in order to accomplish their weaving goals. The Harrisville Peg Loom comes with a step by step illustrated manual depicting how to pick up the art of weaving quickly. Harrisville Designs boasts that with their pegged loom children and other beginners who used their product were able to pick up on weaving faster and feel more confident in their skills than any other type of loom. The Harrisville Designs Peg Loom has been the recipient of many awards such as Best Toy and Teacher’s Choice.

The Harrisville Peg Loom kit comes with 7”x10” wooden loom with nylon based pegs, warp string derived from cotton, wool yarn, plastic tapestry needles to help guide the thread, and a detailed handbook full of instructions and helpful hints. This size peg loom helps to yield projects in the measurement range of 5.5”x9” which is roughly the equivalent of doll house rugs, purses, and coasters. The company Harrisville Designs is a family owned business founded in the Southwestern part of New Hampshire. The company was established back in 1971 with the goal of sharing textile heritage attributed to their small village by providing the very best in quality materials for the world. The small family owned company likes to boast about their made in America products and ensure that children will feel an immense sense of pride and wonder when they have accomplished a project using the Harrisville Designs Peg Loom.

Textiles Workshop boys weaving

In addition to all of these positive endorsements the Harrisville Designs Peg Loom was rated highly among other looms. People who have purchased the Peg Loom have left outstanding reviews based on their personal experience with the looms and the majority of those reviews reflected positively on Harrisville Designs and their Peg Loom. Many past customers were pleased that the instruction manual was clear and easy to follow or that the kit provided everything that they needed to make something wonderful. Many customers enjoyed the peg loom over any other loom because it still gave them the personal feeling they got from using a lap loom but also had an additional structure and stability because customers could rely on the pegs to help the project come together.

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