The Most Convenient Way to Weave

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Every weaver is unique and has their own different style of getting the job done. Some weavers prefer square looms while others prefer circles or even peg looms. It is important for every weaver to find the style and way that fits their personality as well as fits with the project that they are working on. Weaving is a hobby that requires a lot of detail as well as manipulation. It is hard to pin the most convenient way to weave because not all looms are equal and not all projects are convenient. The project determines the loom and the level of convenience that can be achieved.

straw weaving It is safe to argue that a large scale project probably would not be among the most convenient ways to weave. Large projects mean that as an individual you are either working with a group to get everything done or that you are tackling large amounts of work with a limited time table. There is nothing convenient sounding about that. So that leaves small scale projects as the more convenient way to go about weaving. An individual would have to find themselves immersed in an independent small scale project that yields satisfactory results otherwise that project would not be convenient either.

There are many different ways a person might go about making weaving a more convenient activity. The art of weaving is a very personal sort of art so there has to be a lot of intimacy between the materials and the creator.

Using a certain loom over another could yield a more convenient interaction. A weaver using a different loom could also indicate that the weaver is wishing to pursue a more convenient route. There are so many different looms to pick from. There is a million debates about which loom offers the easiest and most productive yielding of results.

However, after careful debate it has been decided that weaving with a lap loom is by far the most convenient way to weave. A lap loom is a smaller, inexpensive loom designed to fit on your lap. It is normally thought of as a beginners loom as it allows the weaver to learn weaving without the expensive equipment or exaggerated projects. Lap looms are lightweight and durable and a numerous amount of weaving projects can be completed with them.

Lap looms are perfect for slowing down and taking time to learn such a wonderful craft in such a faced paced world. Lap looms are personal and provide a platform for people to experience the calming effects that weaving can have on the mind. Lap looms are sturdy and most include the necessary tools of the trade such as a stick shuttle, and a tapestry needle to help guide the strings into place. Most lap looms come with illustrated booklets that provide useful information concerning weaving history as well as step by step instructions and patterns for a variety of different projects. Lap looms are usually recommended for children over the age of seven years old and can provide hours of calm and comfortable entertainment.

instructions-easy-steps-weaving-loom Lap looms are usually on the smaller scale when it comes to looms as they are intended to be able to fit in a grown adults lap. With lap looms a beginner can quickly master the very basic techniques of weaving. Lap looms can be used to create small tapestries, bags, pillows, wall hangings, purses, place mats, and a large assortment of other projects.
Finding the right lap loom is hard work. There are so many different styles that work and create so many different things that it is almost impossible to find the right one for the job. However, the Harrisville Designs Lap Loom comes close to being the perfect loom for convenience.

The Harrisville Designs Lap Loom is a basic lap loom that children and beginners can use to create beautiful works of art. The Harrisville Designs Lap Loom is lighter and more durable and able to produce bags, place mats, purses, pillows, wall hangings, and weaving tapestries. The Harrisville Loom is a sweet and simply authentic loom that has become the more practical way to study to weave. The Harrisville Designs Lap Loom is durable and transitional enough that the loom can reside in your lap, on the table, or on the floor. The Harrisville Lap Loom is a good 12”x16” which makes it an appropriate size for small scale weaving projects.

The Harrisville Designs Lap Loom comes in a kit with everything an individual needs to accomplish a tapestry project. The kits include tapestry needles, an ounce of warp string made from cotton, pure wool yarn, two shed sticks, 2 stick shuttles, and a step by step picture instruction book. The Harrisville Lap Loom is appropriate for children over the ages of seven and has won many prestigious awards including Teacher’s Choice Award. The company Harrisville Designs is a family owned business located in Southwestern New Hampshire. The company was established back in 1971 with the goal of sharing textile heritage attributed to their small village by providing the very best in quality materials for the world. The small family owned company likes to boast about their made in America products and ensure that children will feel an immense sense of pride and wonder when they have accomplished a project using the Harrisville Designs Lap Loom.


If all of this information wasn’t enough the reviews for the product are extremely positive. Many past customers gush over how wonderful their Harrisville Designs Lap Loom kit was and how it had everything that a novice weaver could hope for in terms of materials to get started. Past reviewers commented on how easy the instructions were to follow and many shared their experiences of how they were able to finally take a deep breath, relax, and just weave because of the Harrisville Designs Lap Loom’s versatile design. Many people enjoyed the more intimate and personal touches they felt they could accomplish because the loom was in their lap and they didn’t have to overexert themselves in order to accomplish their goals.

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