The 10 Most Impressive Hand Woven Clothing Items of 2014

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Weaving has seen the revolution and has come out on top. So far in the year 2014 there have been some impressive hand woven articles of clothing being displayed on social media sites. These wondrous articles of clothing leave us all awe struck and slightly envious that we did not make it first. Below we are going to catalog through some of the more impressive hand woven articles of clothing that 2014 has had to offer.

1. The first image comes from the Pinterest hosted by They are presenting the Mixed Woven Friendship Bracelets. These bracelets are cute and unique and the perfect gift for your best gal pal. Each bracelet is unique in that it is a different combination of colors as well as charms every time you look at it. They are a cute and simple way of letting your best friend know that you value their friendship.

2. The second picture is presenting the Pistil Designs Women’s Andina Belt by PISTIL Designs. Each belt boasts being 100% handmade wool belts with a touch of delicate embroidery to it. Every single belt created is unique in its own way and you will never have to worry about you and someone else having the same belt because there is no one else in the world who would have the same exact belt as you. For being hand woven they are also extremely affordable and adorable. Their multi-color approach helps these belts be versatile enough to go with just about anything.


3. The third picture is a little DIY project that was floating around Pinterest. It takes a classic white t-shirt and transforms it into something more. The woven shoulder is a delicate touch that makes the shirt go from plain to outstanding. The best part about this whole design is that with enough determination and dedication you could pull it off yourself.

4. The fourth picture comes from a boutique called AngiesTutuBootique. It catches the eye because it is a very simple hand woven tutu dress. Any parent with little girls knows that tutu dresses are all the rage and there is just an added element to the tutu dress when it came from the love and labor of someone’s own hands. The best part of these tutu dresses is that they are all unique, beautiful, and inexpensive.

5. The fifth picture we are going to look at goes to another DIY project that is floating around on Pinterest. The idea of taking multi colored ribbons and weaving it in and out of old sweat shirts to give them a new breathe of life is brilliant. All it takes is a few carefully placed cuts and the right idea and you can produce shapes such as hearts or stars or anything that you can imagine. It is the perfect way to revamp some of your old clothes or that sweatshirt that is just so comfortable that you refuse to throw out.

6. The sixth picture is another DIY project circulating Pinterest. This weaving project takes old worn out shirts and gives them a new feminine and sexy appeal to them. The woven pattern on the side is very simple that even a beginner could accomplish the look without much hassle. This is the perfect idea for upcoming summer fun in the sun with old shirts that either had rips or just were losing their luster. This DIY project has been circulating on and off for a few years but it always seems to make an annual appearance again around summer time.

7. The seventh picture in the series is a scarf because who does not appreciate a well put together handmade scarf. This scarf is elegant and dainty while maintaining neutral colors so that it can be paired with almost anything. Even though the winter season is pretty much coming to a close having a good scarf around is always a must for any wardrobe.

8. The eighth image is a hand woven shawl jacket hybrid that can be found at barefootweaver on The idea of a shawl and jacket hybrid certainly sounds weird at first but once you take a look at the finished product it is more than impressive. The deep beautiful colors are shades that you can only make through handmade woven articles of clothing. The article of clothing is functional as it is beautiful.

9. The ninth image is a hand woven vest with fringes. It is something that was produced by an experienced weaver and put on Pinterest to display. At first the vest is a bit out there and you are not sure exactly what to think of the whole thing. Then slowly you start to look at the tiny details and all the patterns and you come away with a new appreciation for the vest. It has a lovely bohemian vibe to it that allows it to be paired with a large number of different clothing items. The fringes give it a playful almost sassy sort of feel without being too over powering.

10. The tenth and final picture we are going to review are a pair of hand woven leggings. Any girl knows that that leggings are important to always have around in your wardrobe. They can be paired with almost anything from skirts to dresses to a simply over large shirt. Legging provide an excellent amount of coverage for your legs as well as elevate your outfit to the next level. Leggings also have the ability to actually keep your legs warm in colder weather. Hand woven leggings are created so that little legs can stay warm and you as the weaver still have the creativity to do whatever you want with them. You could weave all sorts of different patterns into them of just leave them plain Jane. No matter what you do to leggings they always come out looking amazing.

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