The 10 Most Impressive Hand Woven Clothing Items of 2014


Weaving has seen the revolution and has come out on top. So far in the year 2014 there have been some impressive hand woven articles of clothing being displayed on social media sites. These wondrous articles of clothing leave us all awe struck and slightly envious that we did not make it first. Below we […]

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How to Build an Affordable Weaving Loom

affordable weaving

Weaving is one of the oldest skill trades in the world today. The skill is reminiscent of a world where everything had to be made by hand whether it clothes or houses. In the days of our ancestors it became an essential task that every young person needed to learn to survive. Many people who […]

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How to Teach Children the Art of Weaving

how to teach children

Weaving is an activity that uses a person’s hands to create something of beauty. It is also a wonderful activity to teach your young child to occupy them for hours. Simple weaving is one of the first things that children learn in art classes by using an assortment of different materials. Weaving can help to […]

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What in the World is a Peg Loom?

Textiles Workshop boys weaving

There are a staggering amount of different types of looms an individual can use for weaving purposes. A pegged loom is among some of the most popular. Peg looms are a type of weaving loom characterized by little pegs attached to the loom. Pegged looms are among some of the more traditional weaving looms and […]

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6 Best Weaving Loom Tutorials


Learning a new talent is never easy especially when it is something that takes a significant amount of attention. Weaving is a relatively simple hobby to accomplish once the basics are mastered. In order to learn the basics a person will probably search out all sorts of information regarding weaving. Many people will even search […]

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10 Best Weaving Websites


Weaving is one of those priceless skills that has been seeing a comeback in the last few years. More and more people are getting enthusiastic about weaving. With all of this enthusiasm it is not hard to find ample amount of websites that are willing to give you the best most up to date information […]

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The Most Convenient Way to Weave


Every weaver is unique and has their own different style of getting the job done. Some weavers prefer square looms while others prefer circles or even peg looms. It is important for every weaver to find the style and way that fits their personality as well as fits with the project that they are working […]

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Top Weaving Loom for Kids


When learning to weave using a weaving loom is one of the easiest avenues to start with. It is essentially the perfect tool to use when you are wanting to teach your little child to weave. Looms come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and contains enough stability that even the youngest weavers can become […]

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What is the Best Yarn for Weaving?

yarn for weaving

Not all yarn is created equal. Yarn comes in all sort of different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. There are some yarns that work better with knitting projects and there are some that work better with weaving projects. We are going to just focus on yarns fit for weaving. Choosing the perfect yarn for a […]

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