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Weaving is one of those priceless skills that has been seeing a comeback in the last few years. More and more people are getting enthusiastic about weaving. With all of this enthusiasm it is not hard to find ample amount of websites that are willing to give you the best most up to date information about weaving. How do you pick through them all to get to the good information? Below we are reviewing the top 10 best weaving websites that we could find on the web.

1. http://studentz.squidoo.com/how-to-weave-fabric-loom-weaving-craft-tutorials was one of the first websites that I came across when looking for weaving tutorials for beginners. It is a large blog post that covers everything from the beginning projects to some of the history of weaving.

The outline of the page is bright and easy to maneuver which is a must when looking for quality information. The page is full of wonderful links for many weaving DIY projects as well as cute videos and links to buying quality products for all weaving projects. Visitors to the page come away with a whole new appreciation for weaving as an art form.

2. http://www.weavingtoday.com/ is a more serious take on weaving. The site offers a well organize look at the world of weaving with numerous links to an abundance of information. The site goes through links that show tutorials for different types of weaving as well as offers different patterns and advice to novice weavers. Weaving Today also offers numerous links to weaving classes and any additional information needed to get weaving today.

3. http://www.interweave.com/weaving/ is not as decorative or as serious looking but interweave.com offers numerous links to different tutorials and patterns for virtually any weaving project that you can possibly think of. The website also branches out into different types of yarn work and promotes a strong community of weavers. There are links to stores, magazines, and special events that are coming soon to an area near you.

4. http://www.pinterest.com is the crafting site galore. Pinterest and weaving addicts can find virtually any weaving project that the imagination can think of. Pinterest offers a unique community where other weavers can contact each other and everyone can showcase their skills. Every pinner is responsible for their own material and it is up to them if they want to share their patterns or not. It is a wonderful place to get different ideas for the next weaving project and also a place to learn more information about weaving. With Pinterest the possibilities are endless and you are only limited by your own imagination.

5. http://www.weavolution.com/ is a website that at first doesn’t seem like it would wield impressive results. It is a bit older in layout terms but the wealth of knowledge that is hiding in this page is outstanding. There are numerous links to pages and pages of weaving project ideas as well as free downloads for weaving tutorials to fit all your weaving needs. There is also a large interactive community that is always there to answer questions and to give inspiration and tips to other fellow weavers.

6. http://www.weavinghand.org is a unique look to weaving as it transverses through fashion and inspires our children during craft time. The website is all about the joys of weaving and how we should celebrate weaving. The website has many great links to different types of events as well as a link for the shop. As a whole the Weaving Hand is an inspirational organization that tries to embrace weaving traditions and techniques from around the world and bring them to new life. The organization uses weaving to try and help children and adults that are suffering from emotional, intellectual, and physical disabilities.

7. http://www.handweaving.net is a website that is set up sort of how a blog would be set up. The website forgoes all the flashy things and just gets right down to offering a variety of different services. The site offers thousands of weaving drafts to search through and are all available for download. There are links to fun facts and weird history behind weaving as well as weaving book reviews. The clean cut look allows for visitors to get right to the information and it was refreshing having everything where you could easily access it.

8. http://www.lionbrand.com where would we be in the weaving world without quality websites to purchase all of our supplies through. At Lion Brand the website is fun and easy to maneuver and has virtually anything that you might be looking for when it comes to yarn. The website offers an affordable selection of yarns as well as patterns and links to classes and learning centers. The site is always very helpful and if a customer has a question they are always wonderful about providing a quality response. In addition to all of that the store provides safe methods of purchasing and checking out so customers can feel more at ease with their internet purchases.

9. www.instructables.com this site is a broad site like Pinterest but as soon as you type in the keywords weaving you are lead to the most amazing selection of weaving tutorials, ideas, and inspirations a person can hope for. Like Pinterest, Instructubles offers a place where bloggers and others can come together and share their projects and ideas with the world. There are many unique ideas and the way the website is set up each idea is presented in a clear and beautiful way. In addition to having awesome ideas about weaving you are in an area where with just a few clicks of your mouse you can be redirected to even more crafting ideas.


10. www.youtube.com YouTube is one of the easiest sites to find tutorials for just about anything including weaving. On YouTube you can search through different videos to find the perfect weaving tutorials that will break the information down for you and help to give you a better understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. YouTube is fun and easy to navigate and as long as you don’t get sucked into watching the silly cat videos you should be able to find all your weaving needs.

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